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Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 6 now has a release date and the new episode will be streaming soon. Read this full article to know the release date, release timings, spoilers, where to watch, and lastly the preview of the previous episode.

The anime series is one of those underrated ongoing sports anime series. However, it has a pretty good plot, and more importantly, it only has female characters. We saw how Eve prepares for the tournament when she meets Aoi on the field.

Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Plot:

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Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 6

The story revolves around, Eve and Aoi Amawashi who are two golfers who come from completely different backgrounds, and have completely opposite play styles, will shake the world of golf. Famous among those who bet on golf games, Eve uses her exceptional skill in the sport to bet live and win against various opponents. Known as “Rainbow Bullet”, she vowed to defeat her enemies and conquer the underworld of golf with just three clubs.

However, the universe where Eve knows no defeat is shaken after she plays a clean sheet against Aoi Amawashi, a golf prodigy who has come to the land of Nafrece to compete in a golf tournament. Armed with talent and born into the perfect environment for golf, the “innocent tyrant” Aoi calmly takes down his foes with a bright smile on his face.
After their game-changing match, Eve and Aoi become attracted to each other and promise to rematch one day. While Eve’s aggressive and adventurous approach challenges Aoi’s elite and consistent playing style, two geniuses can succeed in taking golf to unexpected heights.

Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 6 Release Date and Time:

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Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 5 will release on 11th May 2022 at 8:30 PM (IST).

Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 6 Countdown:


Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 6 Spoilers:

Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 6

The spoilers for Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story episode 5 has released and have been updated in our website. In the upcoming episode, we will see how Eve plots against Aoi by joining hands with the devil. Although in this episode, we will see who actually wins the war field.

Where to watch Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 6?

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We do not recommend our readers to read or watch any anime from any illegal or fake website. Watching or reading anime from fake and illegal website might charge you high fines or hack your device.  The series is available to binge on Crunchyroll. So, you can find the whole series along with the new episodes updated on a weekly basis. To watch this series, you need a mandatory paid subscription in Crunchyroll.

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