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Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Episode 5 is all set to be released on the following date, Scroll down to know more.

Eve was furious at the golf course as she went down one by one showing off her best skills with her game. At the time, Aoi’s assistant was tracking his game and continuing to update him. You see her as an opponent who has no special skills while playing but who has a lot of power over her. about the tournament when he meets Aoi on the field.

Previously On Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 5 :

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Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 5

Eve and Aoi Watches. Both girls are golfers but come from a variety of backgrounds. Based on their different backgrounds, their playing strategies are completely different. However, the two will come together, and they are ready to shake the world with their best game. Eva gets up and shines in front of all the Aoi and she was playing well.

Yet he seems to have grabbed one goal to win the game and reunited with Eva to compete. At the time, Lily and her sister were unaware of Eva’s motive for joining the game. Like the interaction of both Eve and Aoi, it seems that they only wanted to play, which sounds really good to someone with a competitive personality.

Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 5 Release Date

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Episode 5 of Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Episode 5 will be released on May 4, 2022, and will be called “VR”.

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Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 5 Spoiler

Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 5

Eva is currently the hottest topic among all female golfers. He appeared in an instant and knocked down some of the top players. Eve has finished her game and now it is Aoi’s turn to play her role. However, Aoi clearly missed the intention and allowed Eva to win the match. But when Eve asked why she missed the gun, Aoi said it was her fault. Aoi said that as they were unable to finish their game due to his mistake, he invited Eva to play 1 game time before his flight.

Later, Eve was taken to the Catherine Golf Course where she was introduced to the entertainment program of the wealthy. There are golfers all over the world who play and rich people bet on them. Soon, an opponent of Eve, known as Vipere, was introduced. They looked awkward being a gold player and also released bad films. Story 5 of Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s 5 will take us to the game of Eve with various opponents. Eve’s game is improving day by day mainly due to her exposure to various rivals.

Watch Birdie Wing Golf Girl’s Story Episode 5 Online 3

We saw how he played with that crazy-looking girl Zipere. Catherine still doubted Eva when Rose assured her that she knew her motives well. The game started and Eva felt something was wrong with her game and later realized how Vipere was playing with her. However, no matter what Zipere did, Eve won the game and was glad to be able to meet Aoi now.

As soon as Eve defeated Vipere, she asked him to take her to the Nafrece Golf Course before 5 p.m. Unfortunately, he arrived late and Aoi had already traveled to Japan calling him a liar.

Where To Watch BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls’ Story Episode 5?

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We do not suggest our readers to read or watch any anime series from fake websites. Subscribing fake websites may charge you high fines or hack your device. Watching from legal and real websites are highly recommended.

It will easily be available on any online platform, Viewers can easily watch it on the above-mentioned date. Or you guys can watch it on Crunchyroll. It is an official platform where all the anime/manga series stream.

Characters Of BIRDIE WING: Golf Girls’ Story:

Akari Kito voices Eve, Asami Seto is Aoi Amawashi are the main characters of BIRDIE WING Golf girl’s story, some other characters are as follows:

Toa Yukinari as Rose Aleon ,Saki Fujita as Ichina Saotome ,Mai Nakahawa as Kinue Jinguji ,Yu Kobayashi as Kaede Oikawa, M・A・O as Kaoruko Iijima ,Kaori Nazuka as Viper ,Rina Sato as Haruka Mizono

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