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Who Is Tom Brady Dating? Find Out the Latest Relationship Rumors and Surprising Details!

who is tom brady dating

Who Is Tom Brady Dating? The Latest Relationship Rumors

Who Is Tom Brady Dating? The Latest Relationship Rumors

When it comes to the dating lives of celebrities, rumors and speculations run rampant. One prominent figure in the spotlight is NFL star Tom Brady. As a highly successful athlete with a charismatic personality, people are always curious about his romantic entanglements. In this article, we will delve into the latest relationship rumors surrounding Tom Brady and provide an update on his dating status.

1. The Hampton’s Party Fling

At a recent Fourth of July party hosted by Michael Rubin, Tom Brady and reality TV star Kim Kardashian were allegedly seen getting close and flirty with each other. Sources have claimed that the two were spotted spending time together during the day and even dancing together at night.

2. Kardashian’s Type

According to insiders, Tom Brady is exactly Kim Kardashian’s type. The New York Post quoted a source describing Brady as the kind of person that Kardashian is attracted to.

3. No Public Acknowledgment

Despite the rumors, neither Tom Brady nor Kim Kardashian has publicly addressed their alleged relationship. Furthermore, there are no photographs of them together at the party, leaving room for speculation about the truth behind the rumors.

4. Brady’s Recent Divorce

Tom Brady recently went through a divorce from his ex-wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen. The couple had been married for 13 years and share two children. The timing of these relationship rumors adds an extra layer of intrigue for fans of both Brady and Kardashian.

5. Kardashian’s Search for a Home

Reports suggest that Kim Kardashian is looking for a home in the same private Bahamian neighborhood where Brady owns property. This has sparked further speculation about a potential romantic connection between the two.

6. Phone Call for Advice

According to a source, Kim Kardashian called Tom Brady to seek his advice on a particular matter related to Baker’s Bay. While this may suggest a level of friendship and connection between them, it does not necessarily indicate a romantic involvement.

7. Clarification and Denial

A representative for Tom Brady has previously denied the rumors of a romantic relationship with Kim Kardashian. Similarly, a source close to Kardashian stated that they are not dating but have mutual friends and business partners.

8. Kardashian’s Crush

Despite the denial of a romantic relationship, sources have revealed that Kim Kardashian has a crush on Tom Brady. Overheard conversations with her friends indicated her attraction towards the former NFL star.

9. Limited Interaction

Contrary to the rumors of extensive time spent together at the party, insiders claim that Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady barely spoke and greeted each other. This further fuels the uncertainty surrounding their alleged relationship.

10. Kardashian’s Focus on Business

Another source stated that while Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady may be friends with mutual respect, Kardashian’s current focus is on her businesses, suggesting that she is not currently in a relationship.

11. Brady’s Divorce Announcement

In October 2022, Tom Brady announced his divorce from Gisele Bündchen. In his official statement, he expressed gratitude for their time together and emphasized their shared commitment to their children.

12. Kardashian’s Previous Relationships

Kim Kardashian most recently dated comedian Pete Davidson, but their relationship ended in August 2022 after nine months of dating. She has four children with her ex-husband Kanye West.


The dating rumors surrounding Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian have captivated the public’s attention. While both parties have denied the existence of a romantic relationship, insiders have revealed Kardashian’s crush on Brady. As fans eagerly await further updates, the question of who Tom Brady is currently dating remains unanswered.


1. Are Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian dating?

No, despite rumors and speculation, Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian have denied being in a romantic relationship.

2. Who is Tom Brady’s ex-wife?

Tom Brady’s ex-wife is supermodel Gisele Bündchen. They were married for 13 years before their divorce in October 2022.

3. Who is Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband?

Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband is rapper Kanye West. They have four children together.

4. Did Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian attend the same party?

Yes, Tom Brady and Kim Kardashian were both present at a party hosted by Michael Rubin during the Fourth of July weekend.

5. What is Tom Brady’s current focus?

Tom Brady is currently focused on his career as a professional athlete and spending time with his children.

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