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This is place to totally geek out on the new sciences that are poised to have an extremely positive impact on our lifestyles and society.

Now Available on Amazon: For this book, Conceptual Revolutions in Science (CRS), we have curated meaningful scientific findings, presented fascinating documentary films and conducted original interviews with a common goal to consider the philosophy and pursuit of conceptual revolutions.

We are confident that if you read this book with an open mind, and perhaps an open heart as well, you will discover that many of these fundamental concepts of science are undergoing significant change and it is extremely thrilling to discover and share these conceptual revolutions with your friends.

Book Description

Curiosity is something that drives us to find answers along our unique life paths. For me, Adam B. Dorfman, that path began with an MBA at the University of Toronto and with several years in the capital markets before I eventually began to consider pursuing a career in science.

I then spent a couple of years studying the frontiers of different fields, with each new revelation revealing that basic biology, our lifestyles and global industries were about to change in an extremely positive way. After founding the website ConceptualRevolutions.com, where I continued to interview leading scientists in these new, unique fields of study, I found conviction to write the book, Conceptual Revolutions in Science. 

Conceptual Revolutions in Science (CRS) will take you on an amazing experience, opening your eyes to new realities and life-changing philosophies that will alter the way you see the world—and yourself. Exploring some of the most important and exciting revolutions unfolding today, this book is a fascinating, innovative look at the changing world and how you can live successfully within its folds.

Delivered in a fast-paced and unique format, you’ll be exposed to high-level insights required to elevate the global conversation. It offers a modern scientific framework from which to observe the world and it will provide you with the encouragement and introductory knowledge to pursue the most amazing innovations in our global industries.

This is your chance to have an exciting impact on the world by discovering amazing ways of thinking and to then share what you’ve learned within your own spheres of influence.

Geek out on Conceptual Revolutions in Science (CRS).



Dr. Gerald H Pollack, Dr. Gerald Pollack, Structured Water, Liquid Crystalline Water, EZ Water, H302, Biology, University of Washington, Conceptual Revolutions
Dr. Gerald H. Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington
“An unusual, highly readable compendium of insights ranging from the innate wisdom of animals to political movements aimed at setting a framework for scientific understanding. I couldn’t put it down. Adam Dorfman has done a masterful job in awakening us to the conceptual revolutions that lie within our grasp. Kudos to Dorfman!”

Dr. Mae Wan Ho, Epigenetics, Geneticist, Genetic, Conceptual Revolutions, GMO, Institute of Science in Society
Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Director at the Institute of Science in Society - Geneticist
“Adam Dorfman has reopened the gateway to effective knowledge that one can love and live by, but in a thoroughly contemporary setting. Be prepared to be enchanted and energized.”

John Stuart Reid, CymaScope.com, Cymatics, Interview, Sound, Conceptual Revolutions, New Science, Reid,
John Stuart Reid, Acoustic Pioneer, Inventor of the CymaScope
“Essential reading for those searching for a higher truth and a desire to gain vital insights into the complex ‘jigsaw’ that is modern science. Adam Dorfman’s powerful exploration contains many ‘gems’ of knowledge that will help seekers everywhere; gems that have helped me.”

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This book is a compilation honoring the work of many scientists who have made scientific discoveries and film makers who have pursued broad knowledge and in doing so, have demonstrated significant empathy for a more aware, prosperous and connected human existence.